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Lumen technology co.,Ltd, in shenzhen, China,

the manufacturer of colorimeter and gloss meter, is mainly engaged

in the development and production of optoelectronics. The field

involved in color measurement, color technology, photometry,

colorimetry and simulation, etc. There is a large number of patented

technologies including color instrument correction between black

and white, LED source accuracy and precision, etc. Currently, the mass production of colorimeter occupies a leading level all around the world.

Product categories

LT Series Precision Colorimeter

LT colorimeter includes a series of precise, stable colorimeters,. Through accumulating years of designing and researching, it can be applicable in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, footwear, leather, chemicals, plastics, pigments, paints, inks, metal, photography, toys, and other industry color quality control, color control, color analysis, sample testing, production line testing, also suitable for injection molding, ink, paint, spray and other auxiliary color. LT series colorimeter measurements can configure different measuring caliber (4mm, 8mm, 16mm) according to the user's needs.

LR Series Precision Colorimeter

LR series photoelectric colorimeter is launched in response to market demand for high quality products, regardless of speed or accuracy in the measurement, there are obvious advantages. Widely used in the field of textiles, plastics, paint, textile, paint, clothing, ceramics, printing, etc. Handheld colorimeter with compact shape, convenient size, reasonable prices and quality assurance.

LG Series Precision Glossmeter

This gloss meter is designed and manufactured with the reference to the international standard ISO 2813 and China national standard GB/T9754. Technical parameters are in accordance with ASTM D2457, ASTM D523 and GB/T13891, GB/T7706, GB/T8807 standard. All performance indexes meet the primary working machine requirements of metrological verification procedures of national standard JJG696-2002 "mirror gloss meter and gloss board". Apply on paint, ink, stoving varnish, coating, wood products; Marble, granite, vitrified polished tile, pottery brick and porcelain; Plastic, paper; Other nonmetallic material.

Colorimeter Accessory

At present, most of the colorimeters on the market are difficult to measure liquid, given this, LUMEN photoelectric specially develops multifunctional testing accessories to achieve the color measurement on liquid, pulp and large powder.LT series precision colorimeter with multifunctional testing accessories can measure colored liquid, coating, pulp and large powder, etc.

Color Online Detection System

Automatically online testing production line about metal color and gloss, a set of optical spectroscopy, computer science, micro-analysis and color analysis software, use color detection combined with gloss detection, automatic barcode identification with automatic classification methods, and simulate actual demand for color standard of production line , which undoubtedly achieves testing accuracy, timeliness, labor-saving, and eliminate complete quality control of defective products, besides the product apply product line, automatic tracking detector to maximize the realization of the assembly line operations and improving productivity;

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