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Head  Office in Shenzhen, China

AddressSecond unit 607, third

building, Buji east street, Hetong garden,

Longgang district, Shenzhen, China.

Contact: Gray Chow

Email: info@sscolor.com




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   iWave optoelectronics, the initiator and core members with average age of 32 years old, is a young, vigorous and experienced team. iWave engaged in color measurement, color technology, photometry, colorimetry and simulation, etc. There is a large number of patented technologies including colorimeter correction, LED source accuracy and precision, etc. Currently, the mass production of colorimeter occupies a leading position all around the world. The core members have extensive experience in equipment development, integrated development, and automation design,etc, which form a comprehensive team focusing on developing with service, maintenance, operation.

Company total staff include 78% undergraduate and 20% graduate, as a developing team focusing on automatically color measuring equipment, has deep technical knowledge and developing experience, occupies strong technical strength unmatched by other similar teams , and thus enable itself to take leading technology all around the world.