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LUMEN released LT32 high photoelectric colorimeter
ʱ䣺2013-01-03 21:16:01
LUMEN Following LT28, LT30 again after the release of high-end colorimeter LT32.

LUMEN adhering to the "measurement is more simple" faith, adhere to independent research and

development, innovation, to provide users with a more reliable and efficient measure to meet the actual needs of

customers is to constantly improve and upgrade Weaver optoelectronic products source of power.

High-end colorimeter colorimeter LT32 fill in the gaps in the field of high repeat accuracy Repeat

accuracy <0.03.

High-end colorimeter LT32 has eight kinds of standard light source, to fill in a multi-light source

colorimeter blank;

High-end colorimeter LT32 has eight kinds of color difference formula, to fill the colorimeter evaluation

methods varied in color space;

Domestic high-end colorimeter LT32 exclusive release color simulation function;
LT32 colorimeter high performance, functionality is as follows:
Repeat accuracy <0.03

8 kinds of standard Light: A light, D50 light source, D65 light source, C source, F2 light, F7 light, F11 light, F12 light


8 color difference formula: E * ab, ECMC, ECIE94, EISO, EFMC , ELUV, EHunter, EsRGB
7 display modes: CIELAB, CIELCH, CIEXYZ, CIELUV, HunterLAB, sRGB, yellowness Whiteness
Select diameter: 4mm, 8mm, 16mm
Average measurement
Color emulation

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