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LUMEN exclusive debut of 16mm diameter measurement photoelectric colorimeter
ʱ䣺2013-01-03 21:19:06
LUMEN adhere to independent innovation, customer needs as a guide, the efforts of the whole R & D

personnel, through numerous experiments, testing, release the first domestic 16mm diameter

The precision colorimeter; 16mm diameter is more suitable for measuring color difference meter exists texture, pitting,

surface grain, soft and flexible, one-colored area of the object, at the same time,

The realization of innovative measurement surface wet objects.

Taking into account the complexity of the colorimeter measurement and diversity of user requirements, Weaver

developed the country's first optical measurement of 16mm caliber precision colorimeter.

If you want to measure the texture of the object exists, pitting, or the measured surface grainy relatively strong or

relatively large size of the measured object, or analyte soft and pop-up object,

This can be used when measuring 16mm diameter colorimeter measurements.

In particular, if the measured surface is wet, in order to protect the interior of the instrument is not contaminated,

measurement, measurements should be chosen to protect the mouth with a glass plate 16mm diameter measurement


Using large diameter measuring port measurement has the advantage that each measurement textured, such as pitting

the surface of the test will be more consistent, which is difficult to achieve a small diameter measurement of Results.

LT30 16mm caliber colorimeter more measurements in achieving compliance needs, while ensuring consistently high

accuracy, repeatability is excellent, you are welcome to obtain information, to understand Product!

Weaver photoelectric colorimeter as a leading technology manufacturers, WF series colorimeter has more advantages:

1, the unique stability of the entire color space measurements (i.e., repeatability) technology, WF30 optimal

domestic Repeatability E <0.05;

2, the domestic fastest measurement speed, the measurement time is 0.5s;

3, the unique built-in whiteboard automatic correction patented technology, both to ensure the precision

of the instrument, but also to simplify the user's operation, allowing users to experience the real

"Make measurements easier";

4, using a conical measuring port design, convenient visual positioning, but also to measure the retraction


5, the domestic colorimeter most intuitive, fast and simple user interface: The page type, graphical user

interface design, a school that will be easy to use.