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The adavantage of LT series precision colorimeter
ʱ䣺2013-01-03 21:29:22

1. Built-in whiteboard automatic correction function (patent No.: 201220680846.0)

Instrument power-on self-testing, automatic black-and-white plate correction to avoid the tedious manual calibration step, that is the boot that the good seal better protection whiteboard is not pollution, to ensure that each correction has good consistency.

2. Measurements port positioning function (Patent No.: 201220680847.5)

Under the direct visual observation positioning measurement data stability, specially designed to measure the port, and elaborate selection of specialty materials, can directly visually fast and convenient, accurate and real-time measurement of positioning, and get a better measurement accuracy, stability .

3. New optical structure to achieve a more stable measurement (Patent No.: 201220680441.7)

Correction functions with built-in whiteboard, design of a new optical structure, avoid the existing general optical structure complex effect of light on the auxiliary light path, realize the measurement more stable.

4. Existing market colorimeter most intuitive, fast and simple operation interface

Graphical user interface design, to avoid tedious menu operation, fuzzy effect to a school that will simple effect.

5. Accept special custom

The Company has a strong R & D team, a colorimeter can be customized according to customer requirements they need, while providing color measurement solutions. Custom content is as follows:

(1) Specialized instruments to measure the operating mode of custom;

(2) Instruments to measure functional customization;

(3) Instruments to measure special custom;

(4) Custom special measuring light source;

(5) Special color difference formulas customized;

(6) Specialized measurement mode customization;

6. Design in line with industry norms, good feel, easy to grasp, Steady body.

7. Clear and bright screen, large font display, intuitive chromaticity diagram,

color difference bias figure shows color simulation.

8. The number of independent national innovation patent intellectual property rights, to ensure that the instrument's leading position in the domestic color difference measurement, and to catch up with the international brand strength.

(1) Built-in whiteboard automatic correction function, patent No.: 201220680846.0

(2) Measurement port positioning function, patent No.: 201220680847.5

(3) A new type of optical structure, to achieve a more stable measurement, patent No.: 201220680441.7

(4) Measurement of port measurement objects concave function, patent No.: 201220680435.1

(5) New optical system the colorimeter, patent No.: 201220680417.3

(6) Design in line with industry norms, patent No.: 201230621866.6

9. Advanced Power Management

The power supply in a variety of ways, 6000-8000 times lithium battery on a single charge can be used.

10. High stability

Repeat accuracy of 0.05.

High accuracy

Improve the design and application of state-of-the-art technology and strict production quality control, to ensure that each instrument certification through national SCM.

11. A variety of measurement model (LT32)

5 kinds of color space, the 8 standard light source, 8 kinds of color difference formula, and can meet the requirements of measurement under various environmental user.