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Color Testing Equipment
ʱ䣺2013-01-03 21:19:29

Currently on the market color detection instrument is mainly divided into two categories, the resolution is a colorimeter

and spectrophotometer. From the mathematical model in terms of color measurement, the two instruments are the same;

but from the optical structure, the data processing method, the test accuracy, in terms of the main function, which is a

great difference between the two.

1, the optical structure

    Colorimeter relatively simple optical structure, Figure 1 is 8 / d illumination optical structure, including a light source, the

light path, integrating sphere sensor. Other illumination optical structure with this little difference.

    Spectral optical tester relatively complex structure, Figure 2 shows the spectral color measurement instrument optics

structure, including a light source, lighting systems, collimation system, dispersion systems, imaging systems and induction

detection systems.

2, data processing
    Colorimeter and spectrophotometer data processing methods are also significantly different.
    Colorimeter has been completed on the optical integral calculation can be obtained direct detection of the object X, Y, Z 

values; spectral color measurement sensor to detect the reflection spectrum curve of the object (or transmission spectra), 

required by the software the data processing calculations, in order to obtain the object X, Y, Z.

3, test accuracy
    Since the optical structure is different, different measurement methods, data processing different sensors detect different 

colorimeter and spectrophotometer Tester test accuracy are also different. Colorimeter color difference detection values 

repeat stability is generally between 0.05 to 0.1, while the spectral tester can do 0.02 or even 0.01.

4, the main application functions
    Colorimeter mainly used in measurement of two different colors of objects, a detection standard sample and the sample color; 

spectral more functional tester can detect the absolute coordinates of the object color, the light intensity distribution of the 

radiation, so the measured color optical parameters related to the object.