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Multifunctional Testing Device-Liquid,Coating,Pulp
At present, most of the colorimeters on the market are difficult to measure liquid, given this, LUMEN specially develops multifunctional testing accessories to achieve the color measurement on liquid, pulp and large powder.
Shenzhen LUMEN, LT30-16MM colorimeter with multifunctional testing accessories can measure colored liquid, coating, pulp and large powder, etc.
1In figure 1, respectively, lower part, top part of optical integral cavity, and quartz container vessel;

2Connect lower part of optical integral cavity with gauge hatch;

3Put quartz container with liquid into the lower part of optical integral cavity;

4Cover the top part of optical integral cavity;


1Before the product coated, it can control the quality of coating color without repeated proofing, enhance production cycle and efficiency;

2Reduce the enterprise production cost, and avoid scrap and waste caused by the unqualified color difference in mass production.